college work


So now we’ve come to that point; the point where we step out of our comfort zones and try to do something that makes a change and shows who we really are writes Jeremy Taylor from our play In Love’s Service.

Jeremy synthesizes the way I feel as I reflect on my journey at the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center at the University of Kentucky.   At VIP I honed my craft, created safe spaces for people to excavate truth, and witnessed and participated in the birth of the prevention movement Green Dot.  Here, with Tisha Pletcher, the “Doors of Access” advocacy program was created as a unique way people could access our support and advocacy services. My experience at VIP helped to cultivate my leadership style by transitioning from Art and Advocacy Director, to Assistant Director, to Interim Director.  While at VIP, four original plays were written, one, In Love’s Service, traveled the country changing my life, those of the cast members and also the lives that intersected with us.


Honing my skills...