Who am I? 

My name is Christy K. Burch and when I think about what is at the core of my being, what makes me fully me, it all comes back to the advocacy spirit that my mother would say has been with me since birth.  I am humbled to witness the pain and suffering of the human spirit, to listen to the internal voice of the individual soul and to stand with that soul as they claim their truth and power. 

I have witnessed and worked alongside brilliant courageous people over the past fourteen years. Our intersection has shaped, created and propelled me toward art and advocacy as a means to change the world.  My work does not feel like work to me, yes it can be harder than I ever imagined, but it is my calling, my vocation, what feels like the least I can do for the men and women that have experienced power-based personal violence, loss, or trauma.  People have amazing stories to tell that can change the world! 

Significant Achievements


What you should

know about me...

I am an advocate.  I am a woman surrounded by a circle of friends that loves me deeply, and whom I love deeply in return. I am a playwright and an artist who loves to witness people claim their power through the arts.  Art and advocacy feeds my soul.  I am a farm girl, a daughter, a sister, a grandmother to Sadie, an aunt to Addy, Mckenna, Kyle, and Kasey.  I am a life partner to Vince.   I am a person who has experienced loss, such as divorce, power-based personal violence, and poverty.  I am hopeful, and I believe in what’s possible.  I am healing and I am a healer. 

And my journey is always ending and beginning…how incredible. 

christy k burch